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Heterostructure Design Studio

Key features and benefits

User friendly interface

  • Easy to learn Windows/Mac based user interface,
  • Build-in heterostructure layers and grid editor,
  • Build-in material database with convenient access to parameters. Parameters used in calculations of well-known materials are placed in database,
  • Powerful graphical plotting tools.

A3B5 semiconductors

  The software allows working with all A3B5 semiconductors and their ternary and quaternary alloys with zinc-blend crystal structure as layer and substrate materials. Any new material can be added.

Multi-band k•p self-consistent calculations

  Calculations are based on self-consistent multi-band k•p method with symmetrized boundary conditions. Matrix part of calculations are done using LAPACK library. The following models are realized:
  • Kane eight band model,
  • Luttinger-Kohn six valence band model,
  • Luttinger-Kohn six valence band with conduction band model,
  • Luttinger-Kohn four valence band model,
  • Luttinger-Kohn four valence band with conduction band model,
  • Effective mass conduction band model.

Main calculations parameters

  • Temperature,
  • External DC electric field,
  • External uniaxial stress,
  • Quantum well and superlattice model,
  • Self-consistent calculations mode,
  • Axial approximation,
  • Switch of the Hamiltonian terms.

Spurious solution elimination

  Spurious solution elimination mode for eight-band model1,2

Optical transition calculations

  Calculations of
  • momentum matrix elements,
  • dipole moments.

Optical absorption and gain calculations

  Calculations of optical absorption and gain in heterostructure medium

Bulk semiconductor band structure simulator

  Calculations of the bulk semiconductor band structure

Data export

  Fast and convenient export of data to:
  • OriginLab scientific software,
  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Text file,
  • Graphic file,
  • Clipboard.

Parallel mode

  Use of several threads (processors) in calculations
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