Heterostructure Design Studio

Evaluate new version of Heterostructure Design Studio for free! Download the fully functional copy of Heterostructure Design Studio and get short-term trial access using simple online procedure sign on. To get one month trial access, please, provide us with your first and last name, your organization and affiliation by sending email to
During evaluation period you will be able to explore Heterostructure Design Studio features by designing your own structures, calculating their properties and plotting results.

 Download installation package for Windows (47Mb)

 Download installation package for Mac (55.4Mb)

Academic license

Optronics Design offers free use of Heterostructure Design Studio to students and staff at undergraduate colleges and universities. You can request an academic license by sending email to You will need to send it from your academic email address to verify your eligibility.


You can download information brochure of Heterostructure Design Studio package provided in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read brochure.

 Download brochure (585.7Kb)

  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

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