Optronics Design is a world leader in semiconductor structures automation design. Optronics Design produces professional nanostructure semiconductor quantum simulation software for scientists and engineers.
New! Heterostructure Design Studio version 4.0 for Windows and Mac
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Explore the Heterostructure Design Studio - state-of-the-art quantum simulation CAD system developed for semiconductor heterostructure engineering. The Heterostructure Design Studio performs calculations of energy levels' positions, corresponding wave functions and dispersion of confinement states in semiconductor heterostructures, dipole moments, momentum matrix elements, optical gain and optical absorption.

The Heterostructure Design Studio provides full range of optoelectronics simulations, from layer design to optical gain; use of binary, ternary and quaternary alloy of semiconductor like GaAs, InAs, InP, AlGaSb and other; fast and precise calculations; intuitive and easy to use user interface, flexibility in specifying parameters.

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